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  1. must not sew

    Hi everyone! I am trying to NOT do any selfish sewing for a while, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not still looking so I thought I’d share with you my favourite bloggers and my next Patterns. If you are on pinterest you can follow my clothing patterns board to keep up to date with any new patterns I find.


    The little tailoress

    My favourite blog is that of the little tailoress and she is currently running a series of articles called fun with fit which has some great advise for creating perfectly fitting garments.


    She has also just launched a pattern range so I’ll be making her Emmeline Tee very soon!


    House Of Pinheiro

    A great blog from Rachel featuring some very honest and inspiring pattern reviews. A great one to have a nosey through!


    Diary of a chain stitcher

    A lovely selection of makes from some pattern companies you may not have heard from.  Make sure you subscribe to her emails as she sends round her indie pattern update each month!

    Martini Dress Main



    I have a few weddings coming up this summer so I am hoping to make this misses dress and look just like Cameron ;)


    After watching the sewing bee and seeing this make up of the walk away dress by a stitching odysseyI am really keen to give it a go! Especially if you can do it before lunch!


    I found another great pattern company this week called named clothing and they have some great designs, I just have to pick which one to make!


    I am new to knitting but I have found this great jumper by wool and the gang, that you can purchase with everything you need to make it. If I get it now it might be complete in time for winter! (They also have 20% off until midnight 21st March when you sign up to their emails!)




    Sewing Bee

    Remember to get the telegraph this weekend as they have two 24 page sewing bee booklets:


    They also have an offer on for the new sewing bee book: The Great British Sewing Bee: Fashion with Fabric at the special price of £15 (normally £25), with free p&p. (HOW TO CLAIM: To order, call 01256 302699 quoting reference DJ4).

    I hope you are having fun with your own sewing projects!

    Claire xx

  2. My Friend Laura brought me this pattern for Christmas and I was quite excited until I read House of Pinheiro’s blog titled “disaster in a dress“! However I took on board Rachel’s comments and with the help of fellow sewer Naomi on Instagram I am really pleased with my finished result:


    I decided against the cut outs and went with option C


    I love placement prints and decided to create my own. I cut out the top section slightly wider than the pattern and used fabric paint to apply my design (basically “blobbing” the dye on with a paint brush) in a spray effect. I then used an iron to set the dye and washed the fabric before cutting out the pattern:


    I lengthened the body by 1 inch as I could tell from the paper pattern that it was going to be too short.


    The only issue I has was that the white fabric was not as stretchy as the black and so I had to make some slight alterations to the seam allowances.



    Time: 4 hours (this was owing to lots of re-reading as I had never worked with stretch fabric before!)

    I bent 1 pin, but other than that a pain free project :)


    You can buy the sewing pattern from Burda and the patterned fabric (£22 p/mtr) and black stretch (£12 p/mtr) from the Cloth House London.

    New techniques used:

    Twin needle sewing- good guide here

    Wonder tape (this is AMAZING!!!!!)

    Until next time! Happy sewing!

    Claire xx

  3. Its my lovely textile designer friend Annabel’s Birthday this week (Happy Birthday Annabel!) and I have a mini stash of fabric off cuts* from her first collection

    After seeing Love, Lucie‘s blog on her hexagon patchwork glasses case and other mini patchwork projects on pinterest I decided that I would attempt my first patchwork and make her a necklace.

    Necklace maths….


    I found a great tutorial on youtube to help me with the task! Cut out some rectangle templates (I found them online) and cut your fabric slightly larger than the shape. Fold over the edges and tack down.


    You will end up with lots of fabric covered hexagons which you can then arrange to create a nice pattern, use small ladder stitches to fix them together:

    IMG-20150213-WA0002 (2)

    I then used card, grey fabric, embroidery thread and a clasp to create the necklace:

    IMG_20150213_143220 (2)

    First I pressed the hexagons so they kept their shape. I unpicked the tacking stitches and removed the paper templates. I then sewed the hexagons onto some dark grey felt using a bright orange thread:


    I created a cardboard template the same size of the hexagon piece and sandwiched it in between the front piece and some backing felt, adding the embroidery thread at the corners. I then sewed around the edge so the cardboard was trapped in between the front and the back.


    I then trimmed off the excess felt and added the clasp to complete the necklace:

    IMG_20150213_152931 (2)

    IMG_20150213_152927 (2)

    If you are interested you can see Annabel’s full range here:

    Fingers crossed she likes it! Until next time, happy sewing!

    Claire xx

    *I had the scraps of fabrics as I was meant to make Annabel’s a bear …. 1 year ago! (Sorry for the delay Annabel!). Here he is, Happy 2 years in business!


  4. The finished coat! McCall’s M6800

    4 months ago I decided to make a winter coat…. and I am now very pleased to now share with you my finished coat! Yeyy!


    I found this coat on pinterest (right) and I set out to make my own version (left) using McCall’s pattern M6800:

    coat comparison




    I slightly altered the pattern making it higher at the front so the drape at the back was more accentuated.


    It has two pockets, which I am really pleased with as you can’t see them (when you don’t have your hands in the pockets):




    The dog loves it as well!










    Cutting out the Pattern took two evenings (as I wanted to make sure it was correct!) and as I live in a lovely “cosy” London flat the pattern could not be laid out fully on my floor for cutting so I had to pay particular care and attention to make sure it fitted onto the fabric I had.

    Coat Pattern

    Coat and lining first draft


    Coat in progress

    Coat in progress

    Adding the lovely buttons:


    Time: 9 hours (some hours were spent watching TV at the same time!)

    I broke/bent 4 pins and a nail but other than that a pain free project :)

    You can buy the sewing pattern and buttons from Minerva Crafts

    The lining fabric was ex jigsaw fabric which I got for a bargain of £2.50 p/mtr from the crafty sewer in Wimbledon and the outer fabric is a dark grey wool blend at £12 p/mtr.

    New techniques used:

    Ease stitch

    Buttonholes – I had never used the buttonhole foot on my pfaff C1100 Pro but it was really easy after a couple of practise goes!

    There was a great article featured in the guardian on how to sew on a button if you need some assistance:



    I hope you all managed to finish your winter sewing projects on time!

    Until next time! Happy sewing!


    Claire xx