corgis- next

I was commissioned by next to design and make 80 dogs for the mannequin's to walk in the stores. I sent off the designs on the left and they went with the corgi design. I ended up making the corgis in 4 shades along with union jack bandanas and leads.  

The Coffee Traveller

coffee traveller

I have created cushions, a hat, aprons and a back board all from hessian coffee sacks for the coffee traveller- a stunning coffee van ran by Neil and Beck's Vanstone along with their dog Winnie (she's the one wearing the hat!). You can find them at Brentford market most Sundays so pop down and say hi!

 Rally Orange

rally orange montage 2

As part of one of their car revamps I was employed by rally orange to recover a couple of bucket seats that had seen better days. I replaced the worn out stuffing and recovered the chairs in a more durable leatherette and I am really pleased with the results! You can find them on facebook where you can also follow the progress of Jonny (one of the team) who is learning to sew! 

If you have any sewing needs please contact me